Dear Almighty Defenders,

We at Cool-Tite like your shit! It would be really cool if you guys played a set at Burgerama 4. We would love it, and all the people of the world would benefit. Here are some reasons we came up with to try and persuade you:

3. You’ll all be in the same building.
Black Lips will be there, King Khan and BBQ Show will be there. It’s like the the stars aligned to make this happen.

2. You haven’t played a show in a while.
You’re last gig was in 2010, we think it’s about time for a comeback. We all need some soul otherwise we’ll just Bow Down and Die.

1. It would be spontaneous.
For a band that was formed under unusual and spontaneous circumstances, when the Black Lips fled India and crashed with King Khan and BBQ in Berlin, playing a spontaneous set at Burgerama only makes sense.

Yours Truly,

P.S. This song would be sooooo tite live.