“Beverly Hills” from the 1980 debut album, Group Sex,by Circle Jerks – released on Frontier Records.

Ever wonder about the cover of this classic jammer?  Here’s a super detailed account from duh Wiki:

The photo used for the cover art of Group Sex was taken by punk photographer Ed Colver after a Circle Jerks/Adolescents performance at the Marina del Rey Skate Park in Marina del Rey, California.[2] Morris had seen Colver in the audience and after the show gathered the members of the crowd into the bowl of the skate park and asked Colver to take a picture of it.[2] Members of the audience included Darby Crash and Lorna Doom of the Germs, as well as Germs manager Rob Henley.[2] Though the photo itself features Casey Royer of the Adolescents and Circle Jerks bassist Roger Rogerson along with his girlfriend at the time Laura Bennett and various other people of the California hardcore punk scene.[2] Two members of the audience can be seen wearingPublic Image Ltd shirts.