Another round of great videos for you to blast up on the boob-tube! Our love for Sneaks keeps growing with her new video, together PANGEA and Wand premier some new tunes from upcoming releases via music video, the MC5‘s Wayne Kramer unleashed some classic MC5 footage from back in their prime, plus other goodies from The Buttertones, Black Lips, and High Functioning Flesh!


Sneaks – “With a Cherry on Top”

I was in love with Sneaks’ album Gymnastics and I’m obsessed with It’s a MythEva Moolchan makes minimalist post-punk music using her bass and drum machine. The newest video for “With a Cherry on Top”, directed/edited/animated by Alessandra Hoshor, is light hearted colorful pop art come to life. Bedroom vibes and smudged cherries fill the screen. – Crystal


The Buttertones – “Gravedigging”

The Buttertones’ “Gravedigging” starts of with a sax-driven bang before settling into a sentimental croon. The video is a beautifully shot, psychological western that looks like it’s straight from the show “Westworld” (Maybe because it was shot on the same set). The end takes a dramatic, cannibal twist. -Sergio


together PANGEA – “Better Find Out”

The first single from their upcoming album Bulls And Roosters, “Better Find Out” is an upbeat ripper that harkens back to together PANGEA’s “Living Dummy” days. The video, directed by Steele O’Neal, features a lo-fi, grainy, neon vibe that’s a mix of artful cinematography and plain silliness. – Sergio


Downtown Boys – “Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)” (Live on has been killing it lately – the Bay Area-based online channel that features live “pop-up” performances by bands in in seemingly usual locations.  Recent performances have included SadGirl, The Paranoyds, Feels, Priests, and… Downtown Boys!  Here’s a new single from the band performed in a gallery filled with protest photos taken by some Bay Area photographers – fitting for a band fueled by resisting the hegemony!  – Mat


MC5 – “Ramblin’ Rose/Kick Out The Jams/Looking at You” (July 1970)

MC5’s Wayne Kramer recently posted some prime MC5 videos, and this video in particular struck me as particularly fresh.  The MC5 was really only around from like the mid-6’s to ’72, so pretty much everything they put out is pretty damn old.  But in this found footage, you get a glimpse into what made the MC5 feel so electrifying at the time.  Rock and roll history. – Mat


The Black Lips – “Can’t Hold On”

Of course the latest video from the Black Lips is psychedelic and trippy, complete with burning cars, breast feeding babies, occult symbols, and pool hall junkies. “Can’t Hold On” is upbeat garage rock at it’s best and true to the Black Lips sound. YouTube commenter, IAN m, describes it best: “I love The Black Lips It’s like what being drunk sounds like :D”. – Crystal


Wand – “Plum”

LA’s Wand announced a new album this week entitled Plum, and along with the announcement they dropped the lead, self-titled single and video.  Coming off his beautiful and ultra-chill solo debut, it seems front-dude Cory Hanson carried that whimsical vibe of his solo work over to his heady psych-riffers in Wand as the new sound feels more life a cool breeze than a face-melter.  We’ll def be looking forward to this one! – Mat


High Functioning Flesh – “Talk About”

Caught HFF a few years back and didn’t quite “get” it.  But since then I’ve started to understand a pattern in my experience with their music: my initial, instinctive aversion is overcome by the oddity of just how catchy and groovy the music is.  What seems rough, rugged, and menacing eventually gives way to a shiny, addictive underneath.  New track and video “Talk About is a prime example – guaranteed to have you dancing around by the end 😉 – Mat