FYF is just 10 days away, and this year we are so excited because we have been promised real bathrooms!!


FYF is going to be out of this world!  This year’s lineup isn’t our normal cup of tea (or beer – more appropriately), and it didn’t quite meet our expectations of what we’ve come to expect from the peeps at FYF in the punk and hardcore department, but there are certainly some great acts that shine above the rest and have our excitement levels very high!

So to help dip your toes into all the good that is to come this FYF weekend, August 23rd and 24th, we have amassed a comprehensive playlist of every act!  Bands that are CoolTite-guaranteed to rule, like The Strokes, Little Dragon, Grimes, Boris, Ty Segall, Man Man, Haim, The Blood Brothers, Blood Orange, Built to Spill, and that dude Mac Demarco, have a bigger presence, but it’s all there – something from EVERYONE!