Beach Goth III is just 10 DAYS AWAY, and in anticipation of The Growlers‘ annual grand event, we have prepared a comprehensive sampler of every act scheduled to throw down!


While the Pauly Shore hosted event is SOLD OUT, we have been promised that an additional limited number of tickets will be available this Saturday (10/18) at 4:20pm 😉 Do not miss out!  The event is set to feature an “Electric Carney Barney Rave” led by Alice Glass (formerly of Crystal Castles) and , Shannon and the Clams blasting an all Metallica set, “The Flying Dutchmen Fun Factory,” and Beach Goth Island!  I have no idea what half of that means, but I’m certain it’ll be 100% most excellent!

So put this thing on random and get sups excited about all the good Beach Goth times to come!  And make sure to stay tuned for more Cool-Tite coverage!