Cool-Tite Playlist - Don't Tell Me How To Live


February is flying by and we’re still not even used to writing 2017 as the date yet. When you think about February, chances are the first thing that pops into your head is Valentines Day, which is whatever. It’s a day where jewelry stores are telling you to buy diamonds, restaurants are telling you to go out to a fancy dinner, and basically everyone is telling you to spend too much money. We’ve put together a  Cool-Tite playlist that isn’t about that life.

It features a bunch of jams from The Coathangers, Bleached, The Buttertones, Meatbodies, Juan Wauters, Moon Duo, Spazz and Sleep to name a few.

This playlist is all about about doing what you want. When the current cheeto of a president, or your parents, or the TV is telling you what to do, just tell them “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” and do you what makes you happy.

Don’t Tell Me How To Live : A Cool-Tite Playlist: