FUZZ at The Regent Theater

FUZZ’s new album, FUZZ II, is really good. Like, maybe our favorite album of the year good. So when we heard that FUZZ was opening up for Mudhoney at The Regent, we had to be there.

We arrived to an already packed house midway through opening band, The Freeks. We hit the bar, hung back and enjoyed their set, then creeped to the front for FUZZ.

After a few minutes of setup, they jumped right into the jams. Heavy and wild, yet controlled, with Ty’s intense drumming and haunting vocals setting the tone and meshing perfectly with Charles’ heavy, thick guitar licks. Every time we see FUZZ it’s better than the last. FUZZ kill it. Go see them already.

Next up was the headliner, Mudhoney. They’ve been doing this for a while and you can tell. Their entire set was spot on, with a lot of energy, and extremely entertaining. They’re definitely a band to see!

Check out our photos of FUZZ and Mudhoney below:






+++ Photos by Sergio Estrada +++