No one expected to be feeling this way today.  Feeling powerless… to nothing short of hate.  Feeling lost… and disappointed in our democracy.

I woke up this morning and needed an outlet.  I’ve always turned to music to help me process and understand my feelings.  To get over the numbness, I needed to Get Pissed.

The hope for freedom is always darkened
By those who replace love for hate in the controls of our lives
Enlighten your minds
Recognize their devices
Freedom is a truth that lays just beyond their lies

– “Blackened Dove” by Nausea (1990)


Here’s a playlist to help get you there too.  Get Pissed: A Cool-Tite Playlist is made up of the loud, proud, and pissed-as-fuck punk rock you need to get through.  Features Conflict, Antischism, Flux of Pink Indians, His Hero is Gone, Disrupt, and a whole bunch more… basically everything that got me through the Bush years.

Today we grieve, but tomorrow we will again stand together, empowered by what is right.