Burger Boogaloo


We made it to Oakland this Fourth of July weekend for the sixth annual Burger Boogaloo fest at Mosswood Park. Put on by the one and only BURGER RECORDS, the Boogaloo was hosted by the legendary John Waters! He definitely brought the sass to the party in the park. Day 1 featured The Pandoras, Magnetix, Shannon & The Clams, The Gories, The’s, and THE MUMMIES!!! Take a look at our photos from the fest and be sure to catch The Mummies &’s at Beach Goth this year!

The Gories

The Gories brought the raw, soulful blend of garage rock they’ve become famous for. The eternally cool Peg O’Neill banged away loud, simple drum beats while guitarists Dan Kroha and Mick Collins brought the energy and soul. It was awesome!


It was such a treat to see The’s in action. They were super cute and upbeat and had the whole crowd swaying to their surfy grooves. This all-girl Japanese garage rock band is so much more than their Kill Bill moment.


The Mummies ruled! They brought all the energy, attitude, and mini-motos they cruised up on to the stage. They spewed garage-rock badassness all over our faces. We were into them before, but now we’re in love.

Kickin’ it at the boog…

+++ Photos by Sergio Estrada & Crystal Lopez +++