Almighty Defenders Burger Boogaloo Afterparty

LA rock n’rollers, Green Slime, put on the most awesome Burger Boogaloo after-party that you could imagine. Held at Leo’s in Oakland, only a few blocks from the fest, the show featured the Bay’s own Cool Ghouls and Useless Eaters, LA party-rockers Together PANGEA as a surprise guest, and of course The Almighty Defenders. Check out some pictures below.


Together PANGEA

Together PANGEA were the surprise guests for the night, and they received a surprise themselves when a pizza was delivered to the stage. It didn’t last long as the band handed slices to the crowd and some were sent flying through the air. There’s something about their music that makes you want to bounce, and the crowd was doing just that.


Almighty Defenders

The Almighty Defenders are one of those bands that’s really easy to love. They perfectly combine the jangly, garage rock of the Black Lips and King Khan & BBQ Show with a soulful, gospel sound. The dudes rocked bath robes instead of the more usual church robes, and the crowd was going nuts the entire time. And we’re pretty sure that when Mark Sultan sings “Cone of Light”, there’s peace on earth for those few minutes.


Green Slime spinnin’

In between sets LA’s Green Slime, who also helped put on the show, were spinning 60’s rock n’ roll jams that had everyone dancing.

Green Slime Burger Boogaloo Afterparty

+++ Photos by Sergio Estrada & Crystal Lopez +++