We’ve become quite the suckers for bands that can take blues riffs, turn it up to the max volume and distortion, and then slow it down to the stickiest and sludgiest of groove-heavy sonic goodness. 

For those unfamiliar, Weedeater do just that! Led by the core duo of Shep and a wild man named Dixie – formerly of the legendary Buzzov*en and our personal fave, Bongzilla – Weedeater are likely to melt faces with their stoner jamz.


Click below for more info on Weedeater, including an upcoming LA show this FRIDAY, March 27th, and other goodies…

Untied we stand!
Long live dirt weeeeeeed!
Mankind is unkind, man – 
God luck and good speed.

These dudes are wild, and you certainly need to see them live while you can!! Not only is Dixie known for strapping cough syrup to his amp while performing so he can do a no-handed chug and glug and get super slow and wonky while playing, but they’ve had some recent lineup changes that left peeps wondering if they’d be back.  Also, a few years ago their plans for a tour and Steve Albini-produced record had to be postponed after Dixie shot himself in the foot while cleaning his favorite shotgun.  

Weedeater plays with King Parrot, Infinite Waste, and Worship this Friday, March 27th at The Complex!  Plus the highly anticipated new album, Goliathan, is out on May 18th on Season of Mist, with a vinyl release of 500 on Opaque Green (and comes with rolling papers), 650 on Transparent Orange, and black.   

Peep the “Cheese and Cough Syrup Tasting” video Noisey did with Dixie below…