We here at Cool-Tite thought we should help you out with some great, thoughtful gift ideas that will help keep any family member or friend cool and tite! 

+++ Burger Button Burger Records.  Under $5 bones. +++


Ain’t no denying the magic that Fullerton’s Burger Records have brought to the scene, and their playful buttons are a big part of their presence!  On a jacket or backpack, one of these bad-ass badges are a 100% most-excellent gift on the cheap!

Where: Burger Records Records Store in Fullerton, or at the online Burger Shop.


+++ Slipmats from your local record shop. Under $10 bones. +++


Reppin’ the local record store – add some style to anyone’s listening station with a fresh slipmat!  These things are inexpensive but thoughtful, and many vinyl shops will have great store designs to choose from! Who wouldn’t love a pizza mat!?

– Where: Check with your local shop, or surfs the web!


+++ Loser Pale Ale Elysian Brewing Company.  Under $10 bones. +++


To celebrate 20 years of Sub Pop RecordsElysian Brewing Company up in Seattle made this Loser special brew!  Music and beer always mix, and this medium bodied pale ale is sups crisp, and comes with the important message that “Corporate Beer Still Sucks!”

– Where: Your local bottle shop!  


+++ Girls To The Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution by Sara Marcus.  Under $15. +++


It’s good to know where we came from, and this book hits us with the empowering details of the Riot Grrrl revolution.  The book chronicles an era in music led by “pissed-off girls with no patience for sexism and no intention of keeping quite” – who also happened to play some very inspirational punk-fucking-rock!

Where: Online or at your local book store/record store!


+++ Black Coffee Mug.  Under $15 bones. +++


Anger. And coffee – feeding me!

Drinkin’ black coffee, black coffee,
Black coffee – starin’ at the walls!

Ummm, bc Black Flag… duh!  

Where: Etsy seems to be the spot.


+++ Vinyl WipesUnder $15 or so. +++


Give the gift of being able to keep your vinyl as clean as you keep your butt with some vinyl wipes!  

WhereOnline or at your local records store! 


+++ SLEEP Band Pillowcase.  $15 bones. +++


Give someone the gift of the ultimate weed nap with these dope pillowcases from the band!  

– WhereOnline on the band’s webstore, where they are scheduled to ship in December! 


+++ Band Shirts. Under $20 bones. +++


Send the subtle message that it’s time to replace that worn out Misfits shirt by getting your homie a fresh one!  There’s always lots bands and designs to choose from, and it’s a great way to increase someone’s street cred!

– Where: We’d highly recommend in-store or online purchases from Headline Records on Melrose Ave in LA, or Dr. Strange Records in the IE area.  Both spots are 100% pure, two fingers in the air punk rock and have been around for decades now!  


+++ Wood Record Frame.  Under $20 bones. +++


Help a pal double up on the utilitarian value of their LPs by hangin ‘em on the wall as art! These are great, affordable gifts that let you wear your collection proud! 

– WhereUrban Outfitters has the best prices on these @ 2 frames for $20, including the other frame styles.


+++ Filmage: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALLdvd.  Under $20 bones. +++


We’re suckers for punk history, and this new rock-doc was so well done!  Def a must see! 

– Where: Find it online (also available for digital download and DVD + T-shirt gift packs are another good option).


+++ Record Coasters. Under $20 bones. +++


A fun addition to any living room, and dumb guests wont be leaving drink rings!

– Where: You can find different versions of this at gift stores, but you can also get online – like these Gamma-Go Coasters on Insound.


+++ RECORDS, doy.  Under $25 bones. +++


Because there’s always room in any collection for more wax, why not help fill some gaps in your friend’s collection?  Most people know when and where they got a record from  – so in that sense your contribution will always be remembered.  Don’t be afraid to get something they may not know, but DO try to get something you think they will like! 

Where: Your local record store is the best option, but there’s also the interwebz. 


+++ PUNKROCKPAPERSCISSORS by Lee Loughridge.  Under $30 bones. +++


While you may not think much of the paper fliers you get leaving a show today, in the early days of punk they were the only way to find out about shows.  People would get sups creative with them – so despite the sad xerox quality, these things can be truly amazing works of art. This dude Lee spent years compiling about 600 of his and his homie’s OG punk fliers.  Should be great for any coffee table! 

Where: Amazon has it, but we bet you can find it at local book establishments since it had a Nov. 18 release date.


+++ Myopia by Mark Mothersbaugh.  Under $30 bones. +++


Devo dude Mark Mothersbaugh has a creative mind like no other, and his art is so unusual and provocative, yet ultimately relate-able.  This new book covers his career from the early 70’s to now – including Devo stuffs!

Where: Online or at your local bookstore!


+++ YACHT Collection Sunglasses by Chilli Beans.  Under $85 bones. +++


Fresh shades with YACHT style! No brainer here – this collection is funky and fashionable, but also affordable!  Also, check out the Big Freedia collection!

Where: Chilli Beans retail location, or check out the Chilli Bean website!


+++ AT-LP60-USB Turntable by Audio-Technica.  Under $150 bones. +++


Peeps ask us all the time for record player recommendations, and this one here is a top recommendation for the casual listener.  It’s not the fanciest, but very well-priced, and it’s also not a silly suitcase player.  The auto-stop/play means you’ll never forget to stop the player when the record is over!  This one is equipped to rip vinyl to your computer, but a cheaper model exists without that feature.

– Where: Online (Amazon) or in stores locally (like Amoeba).