Hyped for the three day weekend, we made our way from L.A. to Costa Mesa on Saturday for some grrrl power at Burger A-Go-Go 2. So so happy Burger Records dedicated a fest just for the ladies. Check out our photos and some of our favorites of the day.

Dog Party

This sister duo from Sacramento rocked out on guitar and drums. They played a couple of fun covers, like Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” and Ty Segall’s “Girlfriend”. Def check out this up and coming duet.

The Aquadolls

Melissa Brooks is the babe next door that you want to be best friends with. She talks to the teen audience like a close girlfriend, in her black polyester skirt and platform sneakers. Songs like “I Hate School” and “Sinus Infection” made the crowd go wild. Towards the end of their set, Brooks invited people on stage for a dance party. You really gotta love her and her love for the fans.

Kimya Dawson

As a fan of The Moldy Peaches and folk-punk, Kimya Dawson was a must see. Her all acoustic set was magical. She lovingly talked about her young daughter and even made me, along with every sensitive sucker in the crowd, cry with the song “You are my Baby”.


Over in the Constellation Room, a band I’ve been wanting to see was playing and they did not disappoint.

The Julie Ruin

Queen of the riot grrrl movement, Kathleen Hanna was easily able to get the crowd pumped. With feminist vibes and electronic synths, they had everyone moving.

Cat Power

Cat Power put the sleepy babies to bed with her golden voice and mellow tunes. Flying solo, she jumped from electric guitar to piano seamlessly. It was such a treat to see Chan Marshall live.


Here are the rest of the babes that rocked our little hearts out. Thank you Burger Records for showing love for WOMYN and inspiring young grrrls out there!



+++ Photos by Crystal Lopez & Sergio Estrada +++