Dead Elvis and His One Man Grave is so Cool, so Tite! The one-man-band claims to be from “Disgraceland,” but he’s really from the Netherlands (Eindhoven), and plays loud, fast, and killer ZOMBIE ROCK AND ROLL!!  Fans of The Cramps and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Boss Hog/Pussy Galore will rejoice in this primitive, stripped down, booty shakin’ madness.


His style and imagery is reminiscent of classic horror flicks. For his live shows he sits with a drum kit set for kicking, guitar on his lap, and microphone shoved into the mouth-hole of his dead Elvis mask – which only adds to the groggling zombie effect!  Fave tracks include killers like “Get Outta My Grave,” “50 Gallon Drum,” and “Tired of Hell, Unfit for Heaven.”


Since 2007, this dude’s put out seven or so EP’s, has a rarities compilation, and just released his first full-length album on Monster Mash Records called Monster Masquerade. The pressing is limited to 358 copies!!

Check some jamz below:

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