“Don’t take their shit – stand up for your fight,

They all just hate you, ‘cause your fucking tight!”

For obvious reason Municipal Waste‘s track “Guilty of Being Tight” wins a big award for being the coolest, titest track in the history of cool.  The track was blessed upon us all on the 2005 release Hazardous Mutation, the band’s first full-length on Earache Records.

This is a must-have album for any fan of cross-over party-thrash! There are 2,000 copies of the record floating around – 750 on black, 750 on yellow, and 500 on grey. 

And if you’re really feeling the vibes, be sure to check out Municipal Waste live at the Pabst presented Nuclear Keg Party at the Echoplex on Friday, July 25th!  Make sure to bring your boogie board for some ultimate crowd surfing, and prepare to take rips from the beer bong provided by the Mountain Wizard himself!