I feel in tune – baby, how about you?

Talented front man Anthony Braun Perry (of The Growlers and TRMRS) drops his bass and picks up lead guitar for a rad, garage, groovy-tite sound with Cat Signs. I heard the unique sound of this quintet for the first time at Beach Goth II, and I was instantly hooked! The psychedelic rhythm and lyrics were so on point that I decided to start recording a video of their whole set on my phone. The words and long transcendental guitar solos will leave you in a trance of pure cooltiteness.  To this day, I still playback that recording from Beach Goth II – they just sounded so good!

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to catch them at small venues, as well as big events such as Burgeramma III and Beach Goth III. But hands down, my favorite experience seeing them live was at a small bar called The Marine Room in Laguna Beach last month. I brought a few of my friends – who knew nothing of Cat Signs – and they became instant fans as well! I had the honor of meeting Anthony and buying him and his girlfriend, Christina Kee (another member of the band), a drink. I told him the story of how I recorded their whole set at Beach Goth II and he could not have been more stoked to hear from an excited fan! Before they went on stage, I told him that the first my personal favorite jam was “We’re in tune.” He thanked me for the drink and told me to enjoy the show. Next thing I know, the band is opening with “We’re in Tune!”

So come on baby, I know you’re near.
Roll the spliff – means you are here.
– “We’re in Tune” by Cat Signs

Whether Cat Signs decided to open with that song because of what I said or not is still a mystery to me… After the set, an altercation between Anthony and a hot-headed bouncer resulted in chaos as all the fans forced the bouncer off stage!! The band left the small venue in a hurry, but needless to say it was an experience I will never forget. Anthony was one of the nicest musicians I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. For anyone who is a fan of the beach goth genre, or for those who are just looking for new, chill-tite sounds, I highly recommend giving Cat Signs a listen! While fans eagerly await for their first album to drop, you can still find their pre-released singles on Soundcloud.


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