SPLITTER Hooverii & Joe Gorgeous | Cool-Tite

L.A. based label, Mock Records has been around since Dec. 2011. Founded by Bert Hoover, Erik Lake, and Jake Whitener, these guys have put out records for bands like Isaac Rother & The Phantoms, Froth, Jesus Sons & Mind Meld. Their latest release is a split cassette between Hooveriii & Joe Gorgeous, aptly named SPLITTER. It features 5 songs from Hooveriii (Los Angeles), solo project of Bert Hoover of Mind Meld / Jesus Sons, and 6 songs from Joe Gorgeous (Fort Worth, TX), led by Joey Gorman of The Longshots.

All the Hooveriii songs were recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder. I personally loved this side. Maybe because I’m secretly a fan of drum machines and a sucker for fuzzy guitar riffs. Hoover’s voice also goes well with the vibe. It’s upbeat, garage-synth and as a one man project, very lo-fi, DIY.  I’m into it. Fave song: “Electric Eyes/Flower”.

The Joe Gorgeous side is a little more polished and a lot more glam. Fave song: “LA at Night”. Maybe because I’m a sucker for LA or because it’s grungier than the rest. The whole cassette is pretty chill and def worth a listen.

SPLITTER comes out Friday, Jan. 27th via Mock Records. Did I mention it’s limited edition on yellow cassette?

SPLITTER Hooverii & Joe Gorgeous Cassette Release | Cool-Tite

Photo by Mock Records