FYF is only days away and the Cool-Tite crew is getting prepped! Here is our guide for keeping it cool & tite at FYF this year. Have fun and stay safe!


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Get There

First thing’s first, you gotta get there. The fest will be held at the LA Sports Arena + Exposition Park. This is located just South of USC and in not the greatest of hoods. So don’t wander too far after dark. Luckily, the Metro Expo Line takes you straight there! Otherwise, we recommend Uber/Lyft if you plan on getting crunk, or if you’d just rather not deal with navigating the streets of LA.


+++ Cool-Tite Tip: Start the festivities early. Pre-game with your crew before you embark on your epic adventure. But don’t get too carried away and remember to hail your Lyft!

Keep it Cool


It’s a SoCal summer, so it’s gonna be hot! Wear light clothes, shorts, and shades to keep it cool & tite. And drink WATER! We also recommend packing some essentials:


+++ Cool-Tite Tip: Pack a water bottle you can refill throughout the fest. And bring sunscreen!

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd


If you have a friend that somehow manages to get themselves lost (we’re looking at you Mike!), here’s our tips for keeping your crew intact.

1. Find my Friends app – The app is an awesome way to keep track of your homies, but keep in mind this won’t work well if there’s spotty cell service.

2. Have a Meet-up Spot – Pick a spot you’ll all remember (last year we picked the big wooden Y in the FYF sign). When someone gets lost you just head to your spot, meet up, and keep cruisin’.

+++ Cool-Tite Tip: Download the FYF App to help you navigate through the fest. It has maps, set times, alerts, and other cool things.

Get Home

Know how you are getting home and who is going with you. Don’t be dumb and drive if you’ve been drinking or druggin. So NOT cool-tite. Take a cab, Uber/Lyft, or Metro. Or call your mom to pick you up. No shame if everyone gets home safe.


Also, peep at what you can and CAN’T bring into the fest (as stated on fyf.com):

Items NOT allowed into the festival:

  • No Outside Food or Beverage
  • No Unauthorized Vending
  • No Weapons
  • No Animals
  • No Chains
  • No Open Cigarette Packs
  • No Drugs
  • No Drug Paraphernalia
  • No Skateboards
  • No Tents
  • No Coolers
  • No Laser Pointers
  • No Professional Cameras
  • No Detachable Lenses, Tripods, Zoom Lenses etc
  • No Fireworks
  • No Audio Recording Devices
  • No Sharpies/Markers
  • No Large Backpacks
  • No Instruments
  • No Chains / Chain Wallets
  • No Blankets
  • No Flags
  • No Tailgating
  • No Refunds, Exchanges, or Cancellations
  • No Chairs
  • No Video Cameras
  • No Umbrellas

Items ALLOWED into the festival:

  • OK (Small) Backpacks 18.5” x 11.75” x 4.3” (think Jansport/Incase)
  • OK All Ages Welcome
  • OK Empty Water Bottles
  • OK Chapstick
  • OK Hats
  • OK Sunblock (last year they took away our spray sunscreen, so stick with the lotion kind to be safe. you’re gonna need it!)
  • OK Lighters
  • OK Cellphone
  • OK Sunglasses
  • OK Empty Camelbaks
  • OK Closed & Sealed Cigarette Packs
  • OK Children 10 and Under Free. But must be accompanied by an Adult 18+
  • OK Fannypacks
  • OK Digital Cameras – Non Professional
  • OK Film Cameras – Non professional
  • OK Walkie Talkies
  • OK Strollers
  • OK 35mm Camera & Point and Shoot Cameras


See you there!!!