Juan Wauters at Non Plus Ultra


Last month, we had the privilege of catching Juan Wauters at Non Plus Ultra. We’ve been fans of his work since his days in The Beets, and because he never plays LA, we were pumped.

We met up at a friend’s pad and had a few pregame drinks before walking over to the show. We arrived early, but the place was already starting to fill up. Cola Boyy took the stage to get things going with his smooth, funky blend of R&B. He had a great sound and it was the perfect music to get the party started.

It was at this moment that our friends started getting interested in some stick n’ poke tattoos. And after a little thought and checking out the flash book, they ended up getting some. It was tite!

During the tattoos Jimmy Whispers hit the stage. The Chicago native, now based in LA, plays stripped down pop music on recordings, but puts on a wild live show. I feel like he crowdsurfed through a lot of the set, it was a blast.

Finally it was time for Juan Wauters to close things out. In Wauters own words, “I am playing the guitar / Just because I’m good at it”, but it’s his lyrics that are truly special. He has a unique talent of being able to write songs that border on silly, but at the same time are extremely heartfelt and relatable.

I didn’t quite know what to expect for the live show, but I was pleasantly surprised. Wauters has a tremendous stage presence, and for just being one man with an acoustic guitar (except for a few songs with special guests) he puts on a hell of a show. There’s tons of energy. The crowd sings along and dances. When we cheer after a song, Wauters raises his guitar wildly in the air in celebration. I really can’t put into words how much I enjoyed the show. I can say for sure that when Wauters plays LA again I won’t miss it, and you shouldn’t either.

Check out the full gallery of Juan Wauters at Non Plus Ultra below:


Photos by Sergio Estrada