Don’t listen to the Sandlot, this L7 is no weenie! The hard-rocking, all-female band is back and they blasted our eardrums with their distorted, heavy, grunge rock.  For us, L7’s original run as a band (1985-2001) ended shortly before we would learn what words like “riot grrrl” and “grunge” really meant.  Digging into those genres, it’s certainly hard to ignore the influence and legacy L7 has had on so many over the past 3 decades.

We were honored to spend our Friday evening with L7 as they played their second night at The Fonda Theatre.  The place was packed and we quickly vibed on L7’s heavy jammage – the type that easily lures you in and makes ya want to bang your head, shake your fist in the air, and shotgun a beer!!

Check out some photos of L7 at the Fonda Theatre below:

+++ Photos by Sergio Estrada for Cool-Tite +++