Manic and jarring, the new video for “Consuming Guilt” from LA’s Youth Code (youthcodeforever) juxtaposes images of animals and YC singer Sara Taylor undergoing standard practices in animal testing in an effort to expose the cruelties behind animal experimentation.  Super pumped to see a modern band taking up the issue in such an aggressive manner – I mean, it’s been quite a while since 80’s anarcho bands like Conflict and Flux of Pink Indians or 90’s crust bands like Nausea or Disrupt took up the matter with such passion and conviction. 

“Consuming Guilt” comes to us from Youth Code’s fantastic new EP, A Place to Stand, out now on Dias Records

And since we are on the topic of vivisection, take a second and reflect upon “A Lie’s A Life” from Distrupt‘s 1994 classic crust crusher of an album, Unrest, below: