The Crowd // Beach Goth 4


Recently stumbled across a couple disposable cameras from Beach Goth 4 and just had them developed!  It’s a reminder of what a wild good time Beach Goth can be!  In case you missed it, we previously posted photos and a review of the good times that were had.



Beach Goth 5 goes down this weekend, October 22-23, at The Observatory in Orange County.  It’s got a bigger lineup, with bigger costs – $99 per day, or $175 for both days.  While we’ve been loyal attendees of the Beach Goth festival the past few years, we as a crew decided pass on Beach Goth 5 (in favor of last weekend’s most excellent Desert Daze).  Hopefully next year we will be able to make it out.  To those headed to the festival this weekend, have fun, party hard, and have a killer good time!