Cool-Tite Playlist | Cool-Tite

There is always a little hype at the beginning of the year to make resolutions, get in shape, and set unreasonable expectations for yourself. But when December 31 rolls around, you are pretty much the same you, only slightly older and grouchier, with a couple more shitty tattoos probably. I say skip that bullshit and just do you.

With a new, dumb-ass president in the White House hell bent on world destruction, 2017 has already been set up to be a gnarly ride. But don’t you worry your little hearts. We have a mixtape for this highway to hell. For the first Cool-Tite playlist of the year, we are keeping things chill as we cruise into the unknown of what’s ahead. Featuring songs from Sneaks, CFM, SadGirl, Redd Kross, IAN SWEET, The Orwells, Surf Curse, Franky Flowers and more. We’ve also included a song from Nigerian funk musician, William Onyeabor, in respect to his passing on January 16, 2017. RIP homie.

In these uncertain times, all I want to do is listen to records and chill with my hoodrat friends. So that’s what I plan to do. It’s a new year, same shit, same beautiful you, baby.


P.S. You can listen to all the Cool-Tite Playlists from 2016 on Spotify. XOXOXXX