Photos by Sergio Estrada

We caught La Luz on the westside for Off the 405, a summer concert series hosted by The Getty Center. The Saturday concerts are free and held in the large museum courtyard. The series began at the end of May, with the last one happening on August 26. We arrived early with a picnic to enjoy the grounds and oceanside weather. The outdoor summer party started at 6pm, with a fun DJ set by the lovely ladies of Honey Power Club. The museum was BEAUTIFUL. La Luz sounded BEAUTIFUL. During the middle of the set, the band instructed the crowd to open up for a dance party. The only downside to the event, I would say, was the 30 minute or so tram wait to get to the top of the hill where The Getty sits. Other than that, it was a lovely, sunset show, there was wine, and I love anytime I can bring snacks and food to a venue. I wasn’t even mad at the $10 parking, because after all, it is LA. After the show, we had enough time to head into the museum before it closed to see Now Then: Chris Killip and the Making of In FlagranteHighly recommend catching the exhibit if you make it to Off the 405! This Saturday, “vocal artist/ beatboxer/ musician/ comedian”, Reggie Watts will be performing with a DJ set by YACHT.