ORB at Zebulon

Photos by Sergio Estrada

I think it’s safe to say we here at Cool-Tite are pretty big fans of ORB. After all, we did choose Birth as one of our favorite albums of 2016, and Naturality as one of our favorite albums of 2017. The Australian rippers came through LA a few weeks ago and had a stop at Zebulon with local faves Hooveriii and Flat Worms.

We got there early (which is hard on a Friday), with enough time to grab a drink and chill for a bit before Hooveriii took the stage to get things started. We’re used to seeing front man Bert shred guitar in his other bands, so it was cool seeing him ditch a few strings and play bass. While their recorded music is a synth-heavy solo project, the live set is more traditional heavy psych rock. Awesome to see live!

Next Up was Flat Worms, who also happen to have one of our favorite albums of 2017, with their self titled release. They’re one of those bands we’ve seen a few times and leave thinking, “Damn, they’re really good and they somehow get better every time.” If you haven’t seen them you’re missing out! Their high energy proto-punk will have you head banging nonstop.

Ending things was ORB. Fuzzy distorted guitars layered with a pounding rhythm section. We had high hopes for their set and they did not disappoint, although by this point we had a pretty good buzz going too, so yeah. It was rad! I was head banging the whole time, stopping for a few seconds here and there to snap pics.

Check out our photos from ORB, Flat Worms + Hooveriii at Zebulon. and shout out to Lance from Permanent for keeping the jams going in between sets!



Flat Worms