Paquet Courts at The American Legion Hall Highland Park

Parquet Courts is one of those bands that I really enjoy but never really had the chance to catch live. So when I saw they were playing a stones-throw from my place in Highland Park, I had to be there. We got tickets way in advance and of course, woke up sick as a dog on Saturday. No way I was going to miss it, so thanks to DayQuil I didn’t have to.

Having never been there before, the American Legion Hall was exactly what I was expected. A little run down and dark, with the only light focused on the bar, merch booth and stage. We arrived just as opening act Chris Cohen was wrapping up his set.

After a short set-up Parquet Courts came out and blasted straight into “No, No, No!” off of last years somewhat experimental album, Monastic Living. They really know how to construct a set list, following up the power and aggression of their opener with the softer, more heart-felt “Dust“. The entire set came in waves with an ebb and flow that kept everyone entertained and bobbing their heads. But if you ask me, Parquet Courts are at their best when playing upbeat jams like “Stoned and Starving” and “Black & White“.

Peep our photos below and be sure to hit up Cha Cha Lounge tonight and catch a Parquet Courts DJ set celebrating the end of their tour.

Parquet Courts at The American Legion Hall :

Photos by Crystal Lopez