The In The Red Recordings 25th Anniversary is being celebrated this week with a string of shows at The Echo//Echoplex that’s set to be a serious blast!  The label was started in 1991 by a dude named Larry Hardy and has been churning out classic garage and punk records ever since.  We’re talking The Gories, The Spits, The ObliviansBlack Lips, FUZZ, Thee Oh Sees, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Lost Sounds, Boss Hog, The Hunches, Vivian Girls… and so many more.

This week’s shows will include sets from Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin performing Reverse Shark Attack, The Gories, The Oblivians, The Hunches, GØGGS, Boss Hog, Cheater Slicks, Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds, Wounded Lion, Meatbodies, Wand, Sleeping Beauties, Lamps, CFM, Red Aunts, Zig Zags, The Side Eyes, and 100 Flowers.


While LA WeeklyConsequence of Sound, and Terminal Boredom each did a solid job covering ITR’s legacy, we wanted to share some of the ITR releases that have influenced each of us over the years.  We may not have been loyal fans since the beginning (since we were like 5 in 1991), but it didn’t take long for us to take notice of In The Red and the constant string of consistently great garage rock.  So here’s some of the reasons we support Mr. Hardy and In The Red:




The Strange Boys – And Girls Club (March 3, 2009; ITR 165).
I don’t remember where I first heard the Strange Boys. I know it was the song “Woe Is You And Me”, and I instantly loved it. The fuzzed-out guitars were catchy and singer Ryan Sambol’s voice was oddly satisfying. I bought the album and fell in love with the jams “MLKs” and “A Man You’ve Never Known”, but the whole album is great. A perfect combination of garage rock, blues and a touch of country (and I don’t even like country). It’s one of those albums that I can listen to all the way through, then flip over and start the whole thing over again.

Jay Reatard – Blood Visions (October 10, 2006; ITR 133).
Jay Reatard was one of those artists that made a ton of music and it’s all good, but Blood Visions is his masterpiece. If you’re into garage at all, you know this album is a classic. It’s catchy and powerful, with some pretty deep, dark lyrics. I’ve wanted to get a tattoo of my favorite song “It’s So Easy” for a while. I’m sure I will soon.




CCR Headcleaner ‎– Tear Down The Wall (June 17, 2016; ITR 291).
I had a hard time picking a fave release from all I own, but I haven’t been able to get this new one out of my head, and it’s reminded me that this is just the most recent occurrence of an ITR release wholly consuming my mind – and turntable.  The record feels like it starts mid-sentence with a thrashing gallop that’s destined to set fire to anything and everything in its way.  It’s got the fuzz and crunch I love, but the strained feeling of anguish reminds me of my fave sludge bands.  “I EAT THIS RIFF.”




The King Khan & BBQ Show ‎– Invisible Girl (November 3, 2009; ITR 181).
Why do I think this album is dope? Let me count the ways… 1. King Khan 2. BBQ Show 3. Tastebuds.
Favorite songs on the album: “I’ll Be Loving You”, “Lonely Boy”, “Tastebuds” (Don’t ask me why I like a song about tastebuds on nuts, but it’s pretty damn catchy).  The album is a mix of silly, upbeat songs like “Animal Party” and doo-wop heartaches like “Tryin’” and “I’ll Be Loving You”. This album isn’t complicated and it’s fun to listen too. Definitely a favorite.


The In The Red 25th Anniversary shows take place Thursday through Saturday, July 14th to 16th at The Echo/Echoplex.  While 3-day passes are SOLD OUT, single day passes may still be available for Thursday and Friday.