“Nothing Left Inside” from Black Flag‘s 1984 album, My War, was the first indication that the band was looking in a new direction.  While the A-side of the album proceeded with the fast paced angst and aggression that was expected of the band, the B-side – starting with this track – showed something new.  Maybe the band chilled out on the mass consumption of black coffee (probably not), but the band slowed to about half their usual pace, which resulted in a more doom or sludge ridden, head-pounding brand of punk.  Personally, I LOVE IT! The B-side of My War was also a great set-up and lead-in for the heavy, dark, and sups intense album that would come out later in 1984, Slip it In.  

The album was released on Ginn’s SST Records, and was pressed upon the initial release in 1984, then again in 1990.  

(BTW – the album cover is of a hand puppet holding a knife, NOT a boxing glove punching some kind of Hitler character)