According to The Church on York’s website:

On Wednesday, March 26th, at 10:30, in room 1020, at City Hall in Los Angeles, The Church On York will have their hearing for their permits.

The permits will allow a restaurant with beer & wine only. Live entertainment & dancing permit too. The amplified noise will go to 10PM on the weekdays, if not acoustic, & 12AM on the weekends. Our hours of operation will be 11AM-12AM on the weekdays & 11AM-1AM on the weekends.

Some in the Highland Park community are concerned about having another beer & wine establishment in the neighborhood, however, we The Church On York, are an arts facility that has already provided free music lessons, AA meetings & more. In order for us to continue to provide free programming & bring world renowned artists, we need to have all sources of revenue available. The unfortunate reality of arts in America, is that there is ZERO funding for it. Thus, whether a non profit theater, music venue, comedy club, museum, etc, most of these facilities offer beer, wine, food & more to help fund the space & programming.

We’ve also volunteered over 25 conditions. Including, putting a crosswalk at Ave 49 & York. Offsite parking. Sound mitigation on the building & more.

The Church On York is here to work for the community. We hope you are as excited as we are to bring a new space, where anything is possible.

The Church on York is a great new space in Highland Park that we have already had many great times at! Help ‘em out a bit and sign their online petition HERE!