Put on by L.A.’s Blundertown, The Coathangers played the upstairs stage of Los Globos last Thursday, along with the Birth Defects and Feels. The line was long to get into the multi-venue space, but we made it up in time to see the last half of Feels.

Feels (FKA Raw Geronimo) got us feeling good real quick. Gorgeous front-woman, Laena Geronimo, reeled us in with her stage presence and stellar vocals. Shannon Lay’s hair and bangs are always on point, along with her killer guitar riffs. You should def be keeping an eye on this band.

Following Feels, was the Birth Defects. Their debut album, First 8 Mistakes was released over the summer and produced by Ty Segall. Lead singer and local Black Boar bar dude, Jason Finazzo, brought hardcore vocals, wild hair and burly attitude to the stage. And it was super cool to see guitarist Petey Dammit, formerly of Thee Oh Sees, a part of it all. “Party Suicide” is the jam!

Headlining was garage-punk band, The Coathangers. These grrrls have it down. Minnie (Meredith Franco) is cute-tite on bass, Crook Kid (Julia Kugel) does her thing on vocals with head-bangin hair flips, and Rusty (Stephanie Luke) kills it on drums. But they are known to switch it up. Crook Kid moves to drums, while Rusty jumps onto guitar and Minnie takes on vocals. We are so looking forward to the new album and watching this talented group evolve. Check out our photos of the show…



Birth Defects

The Coathangers

The Coathangers are an Atlanta based trio, who’ve been recently recording at Valentine Recording Studios in Los Angeles. They are set to play Beach Goth this year, so be sure to snag your tix for that insane fest!

+++ Photos by Sergio Estrada +++