Most of the year we don’t pay much attention to this song, but during October, it makes all the sense in the world.  The seventh, and last single released by the Dead Kennedys, “Halloween” appeared on the 1982 album, Plastic Surgery Disasters.  


Overall, the song is about the irony of how much we look forward to Halloween so we can break out of our self-imposed social caste to dress up and be whoever we want… but just for one night only!  It poses the question – why not be who you want all the time?  

“Halloweeen” begins with the anticipation of good times ahead and the extensive planning that goes into the one night of freaky freedom.   It moves to the excitement of being in costume and putting on an act of being someone you’re not, but points out the fact that everyone can see right through your front.

I can see your eyes,
I can see your brain – 
Baby nothing’s changed!
You’re still hiding in a mask,
You take your fun seriously.
No, don’t blow this year’s chance!
Tomorrow your mold goes back on…
After Halloween!!!

The song ends with the realization that you’re too self-conscious to dress like it’s Halloween everyday, and that you may as well fall in line with “social regulations” and just stuff yourself back into your “rigid business costume.” 

Because your roll is planned for you ,
There’s nothing you can do,
But stop and think it through…
But what will your boss say to you?
And what will your girlfriend say to you?
And the people out on the street – 
They might glare at you!