Together PANGEA at the Echoplex

together PANGEA at the Echoplex 12/4/15

The kids go completely insane for together PANGEA and it’s awesome. We got to see them, along with Feels and White Reaper in December at the Echoplex. Living in Los Angeles, I’m lucky to be able to head to a show after a stressful day of work. When the band starts to play and people start moving beside me, all is right again and I remember why we love this shit so much.

We were stoked to see White Reaper after having “Make Me Wanna Die” on repeat for the last month. These dudes ruled! Young, dumb and full of energy (and cum probably), these guys were having a blast on stage. Straight outta Louisville, Kentucky, White Reaper joined together PANGEA for the last half of The Phage U.S. Tour 2015. Keep them on your radar for more catchy garage punk to cum.

For together PANGEA, L.A. is home turf. The Echoplex was one of the last stops of their U.S. tour to promote their latest EP, The Phage (which I had to look up, means: bacteriophage; a combining form meaning “a thing that devours”). “Looked In Too” is the jam off the 6-song album. This one made everyone in the crowd go crazy, bash around and jump on stage. During their set, our lead photographer, Sergio, got in a little scrap in the pit. Totally worth getting those shots and being in the middle of it all.

Also worth mentioning, No Parents were the house DJ’s for the night and killed it with their hip hop selections! Thanks for freaking out the place with some Juvenile.


White Reaper

together PANGEA

Photos by Sergio Estrada