There’s nothing like the mystique of the California desert – the dry heat backed by the cool nights, the epic day-time landscapes followed by clear, starry skies.  So of course the peeps from Moon Block Party would want to host a psychedelic, festival camp-out set lakeside in the desert of Mecca, CA!

The 4th installment of the Desert Daze Music Festival will take place on May 2, and will feature the likes of Warpaint, Failure, Dan Deacon, The Budos Band, DIIV, Psychic Ills, Chelsea Wolfe, White Lung… and a whole bunch of other great acts who’s names get smaller and smaller down as your eye scans down the flier.



There’s a lot here, so to help you get familiar and excited for the wild Desert Daze trip, we set y’all up with this awesome playlist!  Aside from our usual faves (e.g. L.A. Witch, Mystic Braves, Kim & The Created, Zig Zags, Deap Vally, etc.), we def recommend you take a second and get to know the cosmic sounds of Chile’s Föllakzoid, the surfin’ psych of Dahga Bloom, the textured trip-out of JJUUJJUU, and the janglin’ good time of Wyatt Blair.  Lots of goodies overall! Get your tix ASAP and we will see you there!!