Uhhh Ohh!!!! After a bit of a hiatus, The King Kahn and the BBQ Show boys are back in action, but have changed their name back to their original, 2003 name, Bad News Boys!!  

The cool-tite garage-party-rockers dropped a new video for a song called “We are the Champion,” which the band has described as “the first song we wrote for the album. Not the best song on the record, and not a single, but where our heads were at during the recording.” Speaking of “the record,” it looks as tho we can expect a new album from the Bad News Boys in 2015 on the one and only In The Red Records!!

Also, the band will be making a stop in Los Angeles, at the El Rey on October 7th – and sadly it will not be with The Black Lips! 

Check out the new video and read on to see what the band had to say about the name change below:

“Returning to the stage wasn’t the hard part, it was going to court to fight to keep our name” said King Khan, referring to the recent court case in Germany in which a ‘historic’ local eatery by the name of ‘KING KHAN UND BBQ’ decided to sue the band. “It seems like these restaurant folk have a lot of pull in the community and even in the government, and this might be the last tour we do as The King Khan & BBQ Show. Canadians don’t really have rights here in Berlin; we are basically just refugees. Polite refugees. Sorry.”

“What became sickeningly apparent right away when this whole lawsuit was thrown at us, is that no matter how many kids’ charities we pay into, no matter how many fisting competitions we win, we will always be ‘Auslanders’ – and that hurts. More than fisting.” said an obviously distraught Mark Sultan. “I hope those döner dudes are happy.”

The new name ‘Bad News Boys’ was actually the band’s original monicker in 2003. “We have made a lot of strange decisions in our band’s history. The time Mark ate a bunch of expired yogurt backstage in Iowa was one, for example. His (farts) made some of the audience puke,” Khan laughed. “Slightly less acrid a decision was opting for the KKBBQ name years ago, but who woulda ever known… We’re completely different people from where we were even last year, and we’re excited to be playing again.”

“(The ‘King Khan & BBQ’ name) seemed like a good idea at the time, and though we’re big fans of Number 2, we maybe could have stuck to our first choice that one time” Sultan added, thoughtfully. “Situations like my alias (‘BBQ’), history and contributions getting swallowed up by Khan’s infamy led to resentment over the name, too, unfortunately. Bad spelling and wording on posters and ads, or how some folks can’t understand the difference between ourselves and Khan’s other band (‘King Khan & The Shrines’) is a bummer… On some level, we’re thankful to have been sued. It’s like we went full circle and got a second chance to fuck up.”