Walter at The Hi Hat

Photos by Sergio Estrada

WALTER was a great band.  RIP.


On the last sweaty night of August, we skipped on over to The Hi Hat for what was billed to be the final Walter show.  For those unfamiliar, Walter became a local favorite over their somewhat brief run as a band.  Collectively, the members of Walter have had, or currently have, their hands on numerous projects… SadGirl, Meatbodies, Ducktails, Winter, etc.  Having only two releases in their time – the stellar Get Well Soon on Mock Records and a 2016 7″ single on Famous Class Records – Walter left their mark on the LA music scene with their weird, sticky, heady jams.


Cat Scan kicked off the evening.  Cat Scan are super dope, but we also wouldn’t have expected anything less from guitarist/co-vocalist David Evanko (MINIVAN), who has photographed so many amazing bands over the years.  I’m finding their sound somewhat hard to pin down; as they seamlessly flowed through a barrage of sounds, you could tell they have an impressively thick list influences.  Very much looking forward to seeing this band around town a lot more!


Denim Skull were definitely the aggressors of the evening! Their sludgy garage punk sounds are amplified by breathless, shouted vocals that fall somewhere between the anarchopunk of Cress or powerviolence of Spazz.


And then, one last time, there was Walter…