Cool-Tite Playlist February 2018


We have a new playlist for you babes! The Cool-Tite Crew comes together to bring you the latest, greatest, and favorites for our monthly-ish Spotify playlists. Like, remember when you used to make mix-tapes or burn CDs for your friends? Or for that crush you were into with songs that high-key let them know you were into them? That’s kinda the vibe we’re going for. I guess this way we don’t gotta burn a bunch of CD-Rs for you all!

2018 has started off strong so far with new music from some old favorites and new ones, including Hinds, Black LipsShitKid, Kruangbin, Half JapaneseShannon and the Clams, Habibi, Shopping, and The Damned. We always try to provide a curated mix of genres, this mix includes some garage rock, surf punk, as well industrial and electro vibes too. Some bands I’ve personally been a sucker for lately are ShitKid and Shopping. This playlist is named after the song by Shopping, “Wild Child”. Hope you wild things are into it!