Desert Daze 2016 is coming up real quick! Only 2 days away! Last year’s DD was one of our fave fests of the year – Kim and The Created and Zig-Zags‘ high energy in the blazing sun, LA Witch‘s mesmerizing sunset psych-out, and Warpaint‘s dance party under the stars were some of our favorite moments. This year, the people at Desert Daze and Moon Block Party have stepped it up in major ways. The festival has moved to The Institute of Mentalphysics in Joshua Tree, it offers fancy tent accommodations, there will be a diner and farmers market, and there are over 75+ artists set to perform! Check out the schedule for the 3-day weekend:


We realized there’s just so much good stuff happening, so we put together a short list of bands to see.

Here’s our picks for “Best Band to…


Desert “Trip” – Primus

It’s time to Frizzle Fry with Primus!  Super amped for this one.  What a better “trip” than to hear the funky, wild tales of Tommy the Cat, John the Fisherman, or Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver from none other than Mr. Les Claypool?? Chances are we may even venture into Willy Wonka Land.

– Mat


See at sunset – Alan Vega Tribute

Suicide is a legendary band to say the least, and was one of the main acts we wanted to see this year. So it was a major bummer when we first heard Alan Vega had passed. We’re excited to see what’s in store for the Alan Vega Tribute, we hear from an inside source that it’s not to be missed; plus, the fact that it’s at sunset on Sunday will make it special.

RIP Alan Vega.

– Sergio


Stir the Dirt Pit – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

King G bring the ruckus with their brash, raw, relentless energy.  As band of seven, I’m pretty sure this will be the loudest band on the bill (although, METZ will certainly offer some serious competition).  I expect some serious action in the pit for these dudes as they always seem to summon the crowd into a mad frenzy.

***Honorable mention: Thee Oh Sees***

Thee Oh Sees pop off like a confetti cannon, and no doubt they’ll bring the same fury we’ve all come to know and expect.

– Mat


Feeling All the Feels – jennylee

Warpaint blew our minds at last year’s DD, so we were stoked to see jennylee on the bill. Jenny Lee, bassist and lead singer of Warpaint, is out doing her own thing and it’s gothy and moody and perfect for feeling all the feels.

– Crystal


Joining a Cult – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Not only cuz of their name, but BJM has major cult cred. Since the 90’s, they’ve gone through about 40 different band members and put out 15 full length albums. Stoked on seeing this band perform live.

***Honorable mention: Death Valley Girls***

DVG’s killer rock n’roll vibes and hail Satan attitude make me want to join their cult. These babes are way cool and nice too. ALL HAIL DEATH VALLEY GIRLS!

– Crystal


Get Heavy – Meatbodies

Every time we see Meatbodies play it’s a wild, heavy, and rowdy party. They bring a blend of metal and psychedelia you shouldn’t miss, and jams like Disorder and Wahoo will be sure to get everyone headbanging in the desert sun.

– Sergio


Desert Dancing – Suuns

When the sun goes down and you just want to move, I want to hear a band like Suuns. I just discovered the  Montreal based band while exploring the DD lineup and I’m way into it. The heavy beats should make for a good time in the desert.

– Crystal


Holy Shit Moment – Television / The Sonics

Two different styles, two different eras, both classics. The Sonics and Television have both been lifelong faves and bands that we never thought we would get to see live. Be sure to catch them both to have a holy shit “I can’t believe I’m seeing this live” moment.

– Sergio


Snake Summoner – The Black Angels

The Black Angels’ Passover has become a serious classic.  Ten years later, the debut psych-out from the Austin band still blurs the line between luscious, flowery bliss, and dark, dry fuzz.  There’s just something about The Black Angels that sucks you in, and that power will be on full display under the stars of Joshua Tree.

– Mat


If you haven’t figured out tickets/accommodations, there’s certainly still time!  (We covered the basics HERE).