Let’s get one thing straight before we discuss – “You Don’t Own Me” is a bonafide classic. You might think this is an anthem for females, but the door swings both ways in this song. The purpose of this song is to define one’s place in a relationship, and to retain their authenticity as an individual. Basically, do yourself a favor and don’t fuck with this individual!

Clearly nothing can top the 1963 original by Lesley Gore, but when I heard that Polica was releasing an EP last year, my eyes grew big when I read that the title of the last song was “You Don’t Own Me.” Indeed it was a cover of the hit, and this EP would be included in the deluxe edition of Polica’s sophomore album Shulamith.


As the original is smooth to the core, but a lyrical monster – it makes it a bit more twisted to sweetly sing the words rather than scream (as anyone who’d try to karaoke this song would) of letting that certain someone know “when I go out with you, don’t put me on display” Preach woman, preach.

The roaring introduction in Polica’s cover is the definition of “tite” in my opinion. Polica uses their sonic punch to accelerate the emotion conveyed in this song, and adds as much force as possible while Channy’s higher pitched, but equally as haunting voice flows through the rest of the song. It’s more of a modern approach when covering this song, and definitely intensifies the defensive track into a beast that literally sets everything right in its place.

Rest in Peace forever Lesley Gore, you deserved to have the greatest party as an entry to heaven and I hope you’ll cry because you want to.


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