The 1965 jam “Again and Again” by The Iguanas, covered by everyone’s favorite flower punks, The Black Lips.


Formed in Ann Arbor, MI, The Iguanas were originally comprised of drummer Jim Osterberg and guitarist Jim McLaughlin, who together made their debut at a junior high school talent show in 1963. Osterberg would eventually adopt the name Iggy (Get It? Short for Iguana) and later become known as the legendary Iggy Pop. The Iguana’s first original song, and the first song to feature Iggy Pop on vocals was “Again and Again.” The song was recorded in the spring of 1965 at Detroit’s United Sound Recording Studio, and Iggy eventually left the band in 1966.

The Black Lips first heard the song with the help of Bomp! Records co-owner, Suzy Shaw, who would exchange emails and mixtapes with the band while they were in high school. Jared Swilley said about the song, “you could tell something’s cooking there”. Their cover jam appeared on their fifth studio album, 200 Million Thousand. They didn’t change much, the song maintains the sharp vocals and raw power of the original while adding some Black Lips flair. We could seriously listen to this song again and again.

I walked in step
Past the old times
i would fly
In a long field of bleeding death
And there was no sound at all
And I moved fast to look around
And I saw
Stand beside me one another
And the grounds steady

Again & Again

And I move fast on it
Back in the womb
My eyes were wide open
My feet were on the ground
I knew what could never quiet me
Felt so