The 1960’s song, “Drunken Maria” by The Monks gets a modern twist from the indie-punk-dance rock band Gossip. The cover song comes off the ultra dope, compilation/tribute album, Silver Monk Time, released in 2006.

The Monks… one of our all-time favorites!  The experimental friars of garage rock were ahead of their time. Forming while stationed oversees in Germany, the five American GIs started off playing regular ol’ rock n’roll and gradually found their distorted, fuzzy, experimental sound. They released Black Monk Time, their only album, in 1966. The Monks embraced their name – shaving their heads in the tonsure style and dressing in all black and robes. Their lyrics and chants reference the hells of war, existential themes, girls, and the sad state of the world – all while being upbeat and offbeat. They have influenced many a bands and will forever be Cool-Tite in our book.

Fast forward to 1999 Olympia, Washington, where the Gossip is formed. The purpose of this three-piece dance-punk band is to make you dance, duh! And they do just that with wild and OUT front-woman, Beth Ditto. Her “I am woman, hear me ROAR” attitude, along with her fabulous style and politics, make the band stand out in the early 2000’s. Their music transcended the indie-rock, dance, and punk scenes of the time – which is why we think they’re pretty damn cool.



Covered: Cool vs. Tite is our way of sharing and comparing some amazing songs that got fantastic cover treatment!