On Valentine’s Day weekend, the Cool-Tite crew got to DJ the Be My Valenslime show at Music Tastes Good in Long Beach. Put on by the homies at Astro Lizard Records and Freak Style Booking, the lineup featured Feels, Rudy De Anda, Santoros, The Staches, and Maraudeur. Kim and the Created was also scheduled to play, but the show was shut down before they could go on. Mega bummer considering the same thing happened to them earlier in the week at the YSL show. Other than that let down, the show was rad! Feels killed it per usual, Rudy De Anda was bare-foot and amazing, and I didn’t know who The Staches/Maraudeur were but they’re def on my radar now. Everytime we make the journey out to LB, we are not disappointed. Good vibes and great music happening there. Check out our film photos we just got developed.

See ya soon LB!


Photos by Sergio Estrada