Night Beats at The Regent

Photos by Sergio Estrada

Monday shows are REAL rough sometimes, but when you have Night Beats, Meatbodies, and The Paranoyds sharing the stage… you make that shit work!

Sadly, we just missed our local faves The Paranoyds (it ain’t like we’ve never seen ’em), but that’s that 9-6 work life.  We arrived to The Regent and were immediately greeted by our good pals – one of whom is a Pabst rep – who brought us up to the second floor where we stumbled upon all kinds of shenanigans.  We’re talking the final round of a national Pabst and Totino’s Frozen Pizza contest whereby winning teams from various regional competitions around the county competed in a tournament taking frozen pizzas and adding their own ingredences to make ’em fancy.  Pretty sure a team from Miami took home the title.  Oh, but best part… FREE BEER.

Past all that noise, Meatbodies took the stage and made an even bigger noise!  I didn’t realize until a few songs in that this was my first time seeing the Meatbods since the release of their fantastic sophomore album (and a Cool-Tite Best of 2017), Alice, earlier in the year.  Such a heady treat – like buzzy chainsaws cutting through butter.  Oh, and they had a new drummer on deck who was pretty bangin!



Last up were Night Beats.  I had always skipped out on previous Night Beats shows ‘cuz I guess I had assumed they’d be underwhelming, but of course we all know I’m an ass :p I found Night Beats to be a well-oiled hypnosis machine – blurred waves of psychedelic goodness left us drenched in their Pacific Northwest garage goo.  It was also a great reminder that I need to up my hat game! Hopefully Night Beats will have something new for 2018!